Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rose Bouquet cake

This was the second cake I made in my class.I was a bit skeptical about making roses as I thought they are very hard to make after my instructor demonstrated it.But as it turned out they were quite a fun to make and not hard at all!

So for this I baked two 8" yellow cakes and frosted them with butter cream.I cooled the cake in fridge for about an hour and meanwhile I made roses with pink colored butter cream .The edges of the cake are decorated to give a beautiful basket weave effect and a shell border is piped at the bottom.I transferred the roses onto the round edges of the cake and then piped out leaves with the help of green colored butter cream.In the centre I piped out the message"Best Wishes" with pink colored icing too.

Next I am trying out Fondant cake...will post the pic when I make it.


  1. Woo, the cake looks very professionally made!

  2. Hey Thanx...that's very nice of you.I hope I can improve on in future.

  3. Glad you liked sure was yummy:D