Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Cake!

I started taking Cake Decoration classes recently and made my first decorated cake there. This cake consists of Yellow cake with raspberry and cream cheese filling. It was frosted by almond flavored buttercream.

It is a 4 layer cake made up of two 9"yellow cakes.Center layer has cream cheese filling and top and bottom layers have raspberry filling. After arranging all four layers , the cake was iced using buttercream frosting. Then I piped shells on the cake to make different designs.

My instructor made decorating cake look so easy but when I started to decorate it was not as easy as it seemed to appear. For my first decorated cake it was okay. I hope to improve with practice. I will keep posting my other designs as I happen to do them.


  1. Excellent first cake! It's very hard to get the icing smooth. Good luck

  2. Ya it took me a bit of time,I used warm water to get it smooth.Thanks for dropping by...