Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebration Cake

Hey All ....I am back with a new Cake this week. This one is a Fondant Cake decorated with Marbled Rolled fondant , all the decorations for the cake are made out of fondant too.

Prior to making this cake I have never tasted Fondant, so it was great new experience for me. In the class I learned to make White fondant from the scratch. Fondant was quite easy to make although rolling it for decoration was an entirely different case. While rolling, the fondant has the tendency to dry out, so I had to keep it covered all the time when not in use.

I used a combination of Peach and Fuschia color for decorating cake. The fondant base was made using peach color to give a marbled effect. I decorated the top by making small and large gift boxes using orange and fuschia colors.

The cake itself was a Italian Sponge cake, sandwiched with buttercream and lemon filling. I will post the recipe for the sponge cake in my coming posts.


  1. Very cute cake. Someday I'll learn to make fondant. :)

  2. Cake looks so beautiful and I may n't like to cut it !!! such a pleasant color and fantastic decoration!