Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Black Forest Trifle Pudding

Who doesn't likes Puddings? The Ooey-gooey temptation of Puddings can lure anyone.They are the perfect dessert after a delightful meal.
Black forest cake though originally from Germany is now popular worldwide.It consists of layers of chocolate cake sandwiched with whipped cream & cherries. Anyways back to the pudding I made.

I made Black Forest Trifle pudding this time,which is a take on my all time favorite black forest cake.I made a quick-fix version of trifle pudding with use of Instant pudding mix and Jell-o(or any jelly mix) as normally trifle pudding is very time consuming.I had some leftover Chocolate cake which I used for it.
It consists of 3 alternating layers of pudding,chocolate cake and strawberry jelly( hence the name trifle).Topped with whipped cream,cherries and chocolate sprinkles ,its Heaven on Earth!!

Ingredients( Serves 6)

2 Cups chocolate Cake,chopped into small pieces

1 Pack instant Vanilla Pudding (~2 Cups Custard)

1 Pack Strawberry Jello (~2 Cups Set jelly)

2 Cups Fresh Cream

1/2 Cup powdered sugar

1/4 Cup chopped Walnuts

3-4 Cherries for garnishing
3 tbsp cherry syrup ( from cherries in can)

Chocolate sprinkles or Chocolate curls for garnishing


Make Strawberry jelly according to instructions given in the package and keep it in fridge to set.

Make vanilla pudding according to instructions given on the package.It will make about 2 cups of pudding.Keep it to chill in fridge.

Chop chocolate cake into small pieces and keep aside.

Whip the fresh cream with sugar till soft peaks are formed.Keep it to chill in fridge.

When all the ingredients are chilled for about 1-2 hours,we can start assembling the pudding.

In chilled pudding, fold in half of the whipped cream and stir softly to mix well.Keep rest of the whipped cream for topping aside.

Crumble set jelly roughly with a fork so that small bits of jelly are formed.

Take a wide pudding bowl, preferably of glass so that all pudding layers are visible or you can also take stemmed glasses for individual servings.

In the bowl, put 1/3rd of the pudding mix at the bottom.Put chocolate cake pieces over pudding.Lightly spritz cake pieces with cherry syrup. Sprinkle chopped walnuts over it and finally put jelly bits over it all.

Repeat the layers 2 more times till all the cake,pudding and jelly is used.

Top the pudding generously with leftover whipped cream.You can use back of the spoon to form peak effect.

Sprinkle chocolate vermicelli or curls over it and arrange cherries on top.

Chill for at least 2 hours before consuming for the best taste.